Road Trips to Enjoy

Four Incredible Road Trips to Enjoy in the USA

Wanderlust, in other words that innate feeling you have in your heart that the walls are closing in around you and it’s time to travel to far-off climes, is a feeling that, unless you experience it yourself, can seem childlike and fantastical.

However, with tenacity, organization and of course, money to fund your travels, the more countries you visit, the wider your perspective becomes and the more rounded of a person you will be. With that said, here are four incredible road trips to enjoy in the United States of America.

Blue Ridge Parkway

By far the most celebrated Appalachian trip, the Blue Ridge Parkway will take you between three and five days, depending on how many times something piques your interest along the way.

Spanning just under four hundred and seventy miles, Blue Ridge Parkway begins in North Carolina, in the heart of Cherokee, and ends in Waynesboro, Virginia, where you can enjoy the fascinating history of the latter area at the Waynesboro Heritage Museum.

Route 66

Even for those who have never even traveled outside their home state, the words “Route 66” will sound familiar, and even after all this time, Route 66 is still one of the most outstanding road trips to take.

For fans of 1960s style and American kitsch, Route 66 is definitely the one for you, although you will need to set aside at least eight days to travel the two thousand, two hundred miles from Chicago all the way to LA.

On Route 66, you will be spending every moment of the trip immersed in the natural terrain and varying landscapes that this vast and beautiful country has to offer. Remember that it’s still important to ensure your car is safe and secure, especially when parked overnight.

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Scenic Byway 12

If you’re looking for a road trip that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city entirely, then look no further than arranging a trip straight through the heart of red rock country, affectionally named Scenic Byway 12.

Beginning in the area around Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, you will experience some of the most glorious natural views possible throughout the country on the one hundred- and twenty-five-mile drive to Capitol Reef National Park.

San Juan Skyway

One of the few round-trip road trips on the greatest American road tours, the San Juan Skyway takes in the heart and soul of all the Rocky Mountains have to offer, both beginning and ending in Durango, Colorado.

From the fascinating Mesa Verde National Park which is steeped in the historical backstory of the Ancestral Puebloans, to the infamous Million Dollar Highway, a Suan Juan Highway road trip offers truly unrivalled views of the Rockies.