Fixed Wired Testing – Questions Answered

All businesses have a legal requirement to ensure that all electrical systems and equipment used in the working environment should be in a safe condition. One way to guarantee this is to carry out periodic electric testing and inspection. Fixed wire testing is one such measure that businesses can take.

What is Fixed Wire Testing?

Fixed wire testing is the testing of all the systems around a building that conduct electricity. As the name suggests, it covers all the hard wiring within a building. This could include distribution boards, sockets, lighting, or air conditioning.

Why Conduct Fixed Testing?

Fixed testing will help to determine the condition of electrical systems throughout a building, i.e. whether they are safe and meet current regulations. It can also be used to identify any faults within a system so buildings can rectify them accordingly.

What is Involved?

During fixed testing, electrical cables and components will be inspected for visual damage. They will then be tested to ensure they are safe and wired correctly. Fixed testing generally takes no longer than a day, during which time the electricity supply will be limited.

How Often is Testing Required?

Businesses are required to carry out fixed tested every one to five years, depending on the nature of the business. The interval depends on the type of electrical installations a business premises has and how often it is used. Inspection and testing can also be carried out more regularly than this if it is deemed necessary for safety.

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