Everything You Need To Know About SSSTS Course

The SSSTS or rather the Site Supervisor’s Safety Training Scheme is considered towards those individuals who aim to get trained with supervisory responsibilities. It offers the supervisors with a fair comprehending of safety, health, environmental as well as welfare issues in a work environment. They also get to learn about their legal responsibilities which would be according to their activities.

The SSSTS course is a nationally recognized scheme that ensures that a supervisor is qualified and has efficient knowledge regarding the safety regulations. It is, in fact, a requirement these days that is set by several contractor groups. Not only would you get to know about the issues arising at a construction site but would also learn efficient ways to tackle those effectively. Mentioned below are a few essential aspects of the course that you need to know.

SSSTS course Duration

The SSSTS course lasts just for five days but this also might seem a longer duration for several companies for whom the worker’s safety isn’t a crucial factor. However, one needs to understand that just by putting in a few days in this course, the lives of several employees can be saved and this would be a profitable return in the future.  With this course, the workers would be educated about the potential hazards and if they are qualified about dealing with such situations, it can be prohibited.

Who should opt for the course?

The course has been aimed towards all the supervisors who are working on a construction site and it is, in fact, the first step towards safety and health for all the novice supervisors. When playing this role, you have a moral as well as a legal responsibility for all the people working on this site and even those who are visiting. Henceforth, you need to be well-aware of all the safety and health aspects.

The significance of SSSTS course

  • Earlier, not many companies were concerned with the safety of their workers. However, with the knowledge of safety regulations among the supervisors being made a compulsion, more and more companies are focusing on that.
  • The SSSTS course would equip an individual with safety regulations so that they can efficiently tackle with potentially dangerous situations.
  • It would ensure an individual that they are working in a safe environment and this thereby would encourage them to efficiently work harder.
  • This course has been accredited by the Contractors Group which in turn implies that if you do wish to undertake a construction site responsibilities or rather, be a site supervisor, you would have to opt for the course.

The importance of Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme cannot be denied and it has become quintessential in today’s times. Moreover, the course has been made available at several training centers in today’s times making it easier to opt for one. You wouldn’t have to worry about the expenses related to travel as several institutes have also begun to offer in-house training for a more practical approach towards the training and for the benefit of the company as a whole.

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