Discover New Places By Trekking

If you are into adventures then trekking is something which you will love to do. This is a type of adventure which lifts up you with a feeling of achievement.

Trekking sessions are conducted everywhere these days, trips are organized by many organizations and one can enroll themselves with them and set out for small treks now and then. For trekking near Mumbai there are numerous places to count upon. Here are few options if one wants to go for a trek soon.

Trek to Harishchnadragad via Nalichi Vaat: if you are interested to go to this trek then you have to save your dates from 17th frebruary morning till 19th February evening. This one is arranged by the ‘Eighty Degree dventure4 Sports’. To book your tickets now, you can pay Rs 2050 and make your seats reserved. This one is said to be one of the toughest route to trek and to reach the summit. This is because; one has to climb a lot of rocky patches but this in return makes the route all the more adventurous and thrilling. This difficult rpute also increases your expertise as a trekker and the feeling of achievement is bigger. Here is the famous Konkankada which has a breathtaking view around and when you reach the Harishcandra Temple, you get to see the big Shiva Linga surrounded with water. It has a height of five feet. So test your limits y trekking this.

Plus Valley Trek:  this is just a two day trek from 25th February early morning to 26th February evening. This one is also organized by the ‘Eighty Degree Adventure Sports’. To register yourself one has to pay Rs 2200 and then enroll themselves. This Plus valley is a beautiful spot for trekking and is also a thrilling one. The first rappelling part is at a height of 1340 feet and then the next one is hundred feet above. There is a beautiful pond there where one can take a break and then there is a night camp. Then the next day, the group starts their journey again from there and then ends it at the Bhira Dam. The trip includes both trekking and rapelling and it goes up to a height of 2500 feet.  It also includes the camping and two lunches along with a dinner.

Har Ki Doon Trek: this one is scheduled for 10th March and it is a big one as it ends on 17th March. For enrolling in this one, one has to spend Rs 9500 and then get registered. This place is located at the Garhwal Himalayas and one can get to see snow clad peaks with alpine vegetation all around. This place is also connected with the Borasu Pass and together it is a spectacular beauty.  This almost looks like a way to heaven.  And the beauty around is definitely breathtaking. This is worth a visit.

These are few options and if one search they can find many more and select one according to their convineance.

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