Different Variants Of Pin Badges Available Online

Perhaps the first pin badge we ever saw was our school badge that we had to pin to your school dress. While it was a simple pin badge with just the name and a small picture of the school embossed on it, it was an innocent fun to have a badge on. Later, we also came across different badges during the Independence Day celebrations, sports day, and so on. With changing times the badges took a fun twist with your favorite cartoon characters, name of the company, or historical characters carved on them. Not just that, badges are also one of the most preferred collector’s items which they introduce through certain websites and raise funds by putting them up on auction.

There are multiple websites who are selling badges online that includes soft enamel badges, hard enamel badges, printed badges, die struck badges, PVC badges, button badges, custom pin badges, and more. The badges are usually created in spectacular designs, and are available in wide range of styles and in different finishes to choose from. If you opt for the custom badges, that are available in 5 different variants with different sizes, shapes and finishes. First, let’s see some of the variants of pin badges available with different websites.

Soft Enamel Badges

The enamel in this placed at the heart of the imprinted badge and when it’s baked it leaves a nice impression that brings the metal above the enamel.

Hard Enamel Badges

If you are looking for a long lasting pin badges, these are your best options as it goes through a process that makes it durable. Color is filled in the imprinted metal badge and once it’s set it is polished flat that gives it a smooth flat surface.

Soft Enamel Badges in Budget

If you are looking for soft enamel badges in a budget then these can be the best choice for you since, they use cheaper base material for these badges. These work best as giveaways, charities or fundraising.

Printed Badges

When the design, company logos or the slogans are too long to print and fill the badge with, that’s when the badges are printed with an epoxy coating that shields the printing.

Die Struck Badges

These badges are not filled with enamel and are printed and finished with exclusive metallic effects and layers, but with no colored enamel filling.

Button Badges

These badges are ever popular and can be worn at places where it’s viewable to everyone. They serve as the best promotional badges in a cost-effective option.

3D Die Cast Modeled Badges

For those high-grade recreation of corporate logos, texts, and products in 3D you can use these three dimensional badges that look gorgeous.

PVC Badges

Have fun using the soft rubbery badges that are molded into promotional products and for the impeccable high visibility.

Traditional hard enamel badges and the custom pin badges are some of the other variants that take your designs from fantasy to reality. Get the badges in your favorite style today and have fun promoting.

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