Creative Ways To Match Your A Postcard From Brighton Scarf With Your Winter Outfit

There are many ways to pair a scarf with your outfit. Adding an accessory can really make your outfit pop and give it that extra edge. The beautiful scarves from the A Postcard from Brighton range can be paired with any outfit and there are several ways to creatively incorporate one into your own style. 

A Regular Scarf

The most popular way to wear a scarf is doing so around the neck, either to keep warm or to accessoriseimage002 (3) with your jumper or top. The Melange Scarf is perfect for this as its jersey material and isn’t too thick or bulky. Why not learn how to tie your scarf in different styles for some extra pizazz?

A Belt

Wearing a scarf as a belt helps to break up an outfit and creates a stunning accessory to a dress. A belt can also help to flatter your body shape by adding definition to your waist and enhancing your figure.

A Headscarf

Wearing a regular scarf as a headscarf can help to accessorise your hairstyle. You may want to wear a headscarf to keep your head warm, to help hide greasy hair or as a turban. You can also wear a scarf as a hair accessory by wearing a long plait in your hair and wrapping the scarf into the plait to really make your hair look chic and unique.

Accessorise Your Handbag

Pairing your scarf to your handbag helps to give your bag an incredibly unique and personal look. The Ella Lace Scarf for example, could be tied to your handbag strap in a large bow or tied around your handbag strap to add contrast to your bag.


A Shawl

Wearing a scarf as a shawl by wrapping it around your upper body can be used as an alternative to a jacket in summer. You could wear a shawl to a wedding or other special occasion and it will look stunning paired with a dress.

A Turtleneck

Wearing a scarf in a turtle neck style helps to keep your neck warm in winter. For this style, you simply wrap the scarf around your neck several times and tie the ends together loosely.


A Snood

Snoods are a hugely popular style of scarf. In the A Postcard from Brighton range, you’ll find the Mythical Rose Snoodie, a beautiful jersey snood style scarf that can be worn as a traditional neck scarf or worn in any of the above ways too.

A Bandana

Wearing a scarf as a bandana is a super easy and laid back look. To wear this style, simply fold the scarf in half and tie around your forehead with a knot at the back of your head. Now that we’ve passed the winter equinox the more organised of you will want to prepare for summer. This cute style is ideal for summer when you want to keep your hair from falling over your face or if you just want to wear a cute, relaxed hair accessory.

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