Consumers Connecting To The Web In Their Bathrooms

Many people see their bathrooms as havens. They can escape from the chaos of the world around them within these tranquil spaces. Especially with chillier weather fast approaching, many consumers may be looking forward to long hot soaks in their bathtubs.

For the most pleasurable experiences, it is important that these rooms really look and feel the part. Trying to unwind in mildew-stained bathrooms surrounded by leaky taps and unsightly furniture can prove impossible. Luckily for those who are keen to enhance this part of their homes, it is now simple to buy contemporary bathroom suites over the web. Even those operating on limited budgets should be able to find the perfect modern bathroom suites for their properties.

As well as enjoying powerful, refreshing showers and relaxing soaks in the bath, it seems modern Brits may be connecting to the web while in this part of their homes. According to a survey conducted by BT, more than one in ten respondents (12 per cent) revealed they connect to the internet from their bathrooms.

Given that people can browse the web, watch videos, listen to music, check emails and more via web-enabled devices in their bathrooms, it is arguably more important than ever for these spaces to be well equipped and pleasant to spend time in.

BT also revealed that almost 500,000 people in the UK live in homes with more than 15 devices connected to the internet. It commissioned the poll to coincide with the launch of a new range of connectivity products that enable users to get online however, wherever and whenever they like at home.

Based on its study, the firm divided households into different categories. So called ‘passive diggs’ have one to two internet enabled devices within them, while ‘catch up cribs’ have three to five such items of technology. ‘Active abodes’ also have three to five internet enabled devices, but their inhabitants spend more time online. ‘Hot houses’ have six or more web enabled devices and ‘power pads’ have the same number of devices but they rack up more hours browsing the web.

Commenting on domestic web use in Britain, consumer devices director at BT Erik Raphael said: “The proliferation of connected devices in the home, whether it be for TV, gaming, social media or searching the web, means that people want to access their broadband all around the home.”

One of the ways in which mobile web has revolutionised life in the UK, and in many other countries around the world, relates to shopping. When people are on the hunt for products, whether they need a new modern bathroom suite or anything else, they can use their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices to peruse their options. Many people find this way of shopping to be convenient and fun. Individuals can see what’s what in the world of retail when they are lounging around at home, taking a break at work or passing time on public transport.

There are also some great bargains for consumers to bag in cyberspace. As long as they know where to look, individuals can benefit from superb deals.

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