Changing Concepts In Office Furniture

Numerous studies indicate sitting for long periods of time can be harsh on the back and other parts of the body. It can increase tension around the shoulders and neck due to the position of the head throughout the day. Yet the work has to get done, and many people have just worked through it and struggled with the problems. Even with ergonomically correct office furniture, the problem hasn’t been eliminated.

The truth is that our bodies weren’t made to be in the same position all day long. Being able to move around and get things done is easier. With that in mind, there are new and creative options out there to think about. What if you were able to stand up and still get your work done?

Higher Desks

By increasing the height of the desks, a person can stand up and get their work done. This has been very well received by some businesses and employees. A fatigue mat and good shoes to help with reducing stress on the feet can help. Some offices offer both a sitting station and a standing station, so employees can do what they want to at any given point in the day in terms of their body positioning.

There are several sizes and types of standing desks in NZ you can look at if you are interested in one for your home office or to have at work. Introducing this new concept to the work environment can be a way to change things around for the better. It can reduce irritability and chronic pain associated with being in a sitting position all day long.


There are plenty of quality products out there for you to look at. Some are made from durable metal and others are made from wood. You can find the design you want and the size of desk with ease. There are L-shaped standing types of desks too, if you need more room and you need to be able to move around from one area to the next and have everything spread out.

Look for those that offer an easy to adjust the height so the person using it can always have it at the right height at any time. Some of the lifts are manual, and they have to be moved by hand. Others are electrical, and they can be moved up or down with the touch of a button. If you have any questions about a given product, you should ask about them before you buy.

You can go to a location where they are on display and try out the standing models of desks too. This can help you to see what may be the best choice for you to consider. Professionals can help you with determining the best choice for your needs. Many of these providers are also willing to deliver and set up such desks for you. This can help you to get the results you seek in the least amount of time. Then you can get back to work with better overall body positioning.

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