Can Magnets Damage Our Day Today Electronics Device ?

Today in the era of digitization and globalization where everyone is connected due to a hand held devices known as Smart Phone , We always keep our device handy and in working mode and keep them safe from any damage . In today’s digital world Magnets can be a fatal threat not just for phones but for our computing device too.

Most of our devices have screens which emittes light , these lights are nothing but the electrons shooted at high speed towards the screen if there is magnet nearby then it can damage your screen permanently and sometimes even storage memory

The force of Magnetic Field on an electron is directly proportional to speed of electron. In simple words that “an electron is travelling at high speed will experience large force as compare to electrons which are at low speed , electrons those are stationary will not experience any force

But today’s LCD’s and LED’s have very less or no electron movement so even if magnets cause any effects to the device it can be fixed just by restarting the device. Apart from that if you want to protect your device while you are out just dont forget to switch it off while you are near any magnet or magnetic field. Devices in our home such as computers and Television sets can be fixed by degaussing or demagenatizing.

Still we are so tiny in front of nature, Hope that if ever next solar flair hits the earth , it hits with a small magnitude

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