Build Your Own Home Bar

Rising prices have made trips with friends to your local bar a special treat that not everyone can afford. If you enjoy socializing but are looking for a way to cut the costs you may want to consider building your own home bar. A home bar is a fabulous asset to any house and sure to draw a crowd at parties. You can set it up in the garage or basement and feel like the inn keeper of the best bar in town, while saving a lot of money you would normally be dishing out on overpriced beer and cocktails. Best of all, your friends and family will love it!

You can buy a relatively cheap prebuilt home bar from a number of places and have it set up in no time. You may want to give your bar a theme; like an Irish pub, sports bar or retro 60’s bar complete with vintage décor. It’s your bar so go wild with it and make it the drinking hot spot you and your friends want to spend time at! You can even have your bar custom-made for a really unique look, although it’ll cost you more than a prebuilt one.

Before you can build a home bar, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is whether you want a wet bar or a dry bar; the difference being that wet bars have hookups for water and sinks, as well as additional items like dishwashers and ice drainers. A wet bar will cost a fair bit more than a dry one, but will give you the full home bar experience and the versatility to experiment with your beverage creations.

Of course for a truly perfect bar experience, nothing beats having draft beer available on tap. Kegerator kits bring this experience home and enable you to have your favorite beer freshly available at the temperature of your choosing. Drinking beer from your home bar’s beer dispenser will save you money in the long run as you can buy kegs of beer at a fraction of the cost you spend at your local bar. You will also be helping the environment as you will no longer be contribution to landfills with all those empty beer bottles. Best of all, you will have the ultimate party accessory and crowd pleaser, making every house party and special event memorable.

When you have decided you are ready to invest in the supplies for your home bar, you can find an unbeatable selection on the Beverage Time website. This includes a range of kegerator kits, bar accessories and wine cooler refrigerators. Beverage Time provides you with everything you need to make your home bar a success and serve the best drinks in town. They even provide you with a 30 day money back guarantee should you have any issues with your merchandise. You can contact their customer service representatives’ toll free at 1 877 904 2553 for advice and to discuss your requirements.

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