Block Management in the North West – Is Time to Switch Providers?

The North West is an exciting and thriving region. In cities like Manchester huge urban regeneration projects have transformed the area and the way people live. City centers are now mixed used areas. Residents have moved in and added to the urban mix. People don’t have to live out in the suburbs and commute in. City center apartment living puts all the bars, restaurants and facilities right on people’s doorsteps. It’s an exciting way to live.

The apartments are great for young singletons. They occupy a great central locations and are easy to maintain and manage. Residents and landlords pay a service charge, either monthly or quarterly, to a management company who will take care of the exterior of the building and the communal areas. These charges might extend to cutting the grass or providing a concierge service. It just depends on the individual block or complex.

Block management in the North West doesn’t have the greatest reputation. Some residents feel that they are overcharged for a very poor quality service. The management company is slow to respond and jobs don’t always get done.

So what’s the solution? Not everyone realizes that they aren’t committed or tied in to one provider of services. With the consent of other residents, blocks can switch and find an alternative provider of property management in the North West. A provider who charges less and responds promptly when required. Residents don’t have to put up with the status quo. If service isn’t up to scratch then look to make the switch.


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