Be a responsible dog owner

People need to think carefully before they go out and get themselves a dog. It’s a big responsibility. These are animals they require a lot of input, attention and energy, but if they’re looked after properly then they give so much back in return.

They are very much a family pet, best avoided by busy single people. As part of a family they won’t get left alone in the house so much and there’s always someone around who can take them for a walk.

There are very few pets that are as much fun as a pooch. They’re always up to something, which means they’re a joy to have around. And there’s always more point to a walk with a little furry friend in tow. Even small dogs need to walk at least a few miles each day. It’s a great excuse to get out of the house and down to the park every day no matter what the whether. Good for anyone looking to keep fit.

These animals need plenty of love and attention. They’re very social, so owners have to be prepared to take this into account. It’s not fair to leave them for too long. They’ll get lonely and might be destructive around the house as a result.

Diet is key to their health and happiness. Overfeeding them isn’t kindness and they don’t need to eat the same things as their human owners. Canine products are specially formulated and contain everything they need. The right mix and balance of foods will help ensure they lead a happy and healthy life.

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