6 Romantic Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special

Getting married is an incredible life milestone, and it’s understandable that you want to do everything you can to make the day extra special. When you’re planning your wedding, it’s okay to introduce some new and traditional concepts to enjoy your time with your partner and impress your guests. Here are our top six most romantic ways to make your day extra special, that can be tailored to any budget.

Personalise Your Vows

The vows you make to your partner are a hugely significant part of any wedding, as they not only show the love you have for them, but also the commitment that you intend to make over your lifetime. Write your vows with care and love, as this will make the ceremony more meaningful and personal.

Incorporate A Special Tradition

Your wedding day doesn’t need to be completely traditional. Why not add a unique tradition to your ceremony, such as a unity sand or handfasting ceremony? This is a beautiful way to make the time spent with your partner on the day more romantic, as well as show your guests something a little different from the norm.

Create A Signature Cocktail

If you’re going to be serving alcohol at your wedding, consider designing a signature cocktail and serving it at the reception! There are plenty of ways to do this, whether you hire a professional to help you mix up the perfect combination or you go it alone and mix and match until you find the right drink. Your guests will love trying your signature drink, and you’ll have a romantic memory that will come flooding back to you every time you make it in the years to come!

Invest In Timeless Jewellery

While you’ve likely already bought engagement rings and wedding bands, there are other jewellery pieces that make for fantastic investments ahead of your wedding. For example, if your spouse loves to wear necklaces, why not take the opportunity of you coming together for life to purchase a stunning, high value piece? Alternatively, if your partner wears watches, what better time than your wedding day to gift them a timeless classic? From Rolex to Cartier, some of the beautiful Hatton Garden watches will make the day one to treasure.

Have A First Look

Traditionally, the groom wouldn’t see the bride before she walked down the aisle, but a first look is an increasingly popular must-do among couples around the world. Taking a moment before the ceremony to see each other privately and take some photos is a romantic way to slow down the day, escape the whirlwind and cherish your loved one before you see your guests for the first time.

Finish Up With A Private Last Dance

The first dance is an exciting part of any wedding, but have you considered a private last dance? At the end of the night, once all of your guests have gone home, finish up with a dance together in private, to give yourselves a minute to be completely alone with one another. This lets you reflect on the day, enjoy the reception for just a little longer, and also get some magical photos to cherish.

It’s normal to feel nervous ahead of your big day, but by incorporating these six romantic moments, you can be certain that your wedding celebration will be one to remember. Invest in timeless jewellery pieces that will act as a fashion piece as well as a memento and take time to unwind with a private last dance – the day will go by so fast, that these little moments matter and do a great job of fostering romance and love.